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Evo Rebel 2 RS  Paramotor frame

Evo Rebel 2 RS Paramotor frame

All frames are made to your spec and delivery is around 21 days.


The Rebel II RS is a light clean-cut paramotor frame suitable for advanced pilots and beginners alike.


It is extremely light, hitting a bit over 7.5 kilos.


Made from stainless steel material connected with button spring locks, the frame can be assembled/disassembled in literally minutes.


The swing arms of the R2 offer an offset option which is set depending on the engine to be mounted thus reducing the torque to near zero.


The width of the swing arms deliver the best weight shift control on the market. The rigid stand of the RS model can be easily removed with bushings for travel or storage.


The Snap-On-Netting option makes it really convenient to put on/off the netting in literally minutes.


The revolutional design, with the tank resting on the back reduces vibrations drastically, raises the center of gravity and allows from 16% to 26% better airflow thus reducing fuel consumption and allowing for bigger potential thrust.


The aerodynamic functions of the frame due to the placement of the tank also allow for increased stability while taking off and landing during windy weather.


SPECIFICATIONS Hoop diameter 1400 mm


Frame weight (frame, tank, 40x30 rubber mounts, engine adapter plate + snap-on-netting) 7.5 kg. Tank capacity 17 lt.


Overal dimms RTF 1380 x 520 Dx W Folded dimms 680 x 500 x 500 W x H x D Netting Snap-On-Netting


The frame can take any engine through an adapter plate (Moster, Atom, Polini, EOS, Cisco Motors, Simonini etc..)


Engine mounting Adapter plate Harness Fits any harness Swing arms AL 7075; low/high hang points

Frame material AISI 304 stainless steel


PRICE From£1659 for 17ltr tank.


*Postage is not. included in the price.


*Frame comes with Snap-On-Netting, super easy to assemble and disassemble.


*Frame comes pre-assembled - 9 pieces in total.


*Any RAL color is available for the swing arms & handle, rest must be glass blasted

    PriceFrom £1,545.00
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