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Gin Paramotor cocoon  and flight deck

Gin Paramotor cocoon and flight deck

SIZE IS LARGE, Brand new not used but no packaging, may be a little dusty due to storage.



The GIN paramotor cocoon not only keeps you warm and comfortable. It also increases performance and is easy to use.


    The paramotor cocoon keeps you warm and also increases your performance and efficiency. It opens at the bottom for easy step in, while a buckle holds up the cocoon during take-off. A large cockpit offers space for instruments and storage.


    • A buckle on the cockpit holds up the cocoon during take-off and landing
    • Adjustable straps support the weight of the cockpit and keep the instrument panel at the correct angle
    • 9L of space for the cocoon, flight instruments or even bivouac supplies!
    • attaches to almost any paramotor harness and frame
    • front mounted rescues can be used with the optional Rescue Cockpit
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