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Handy Box moster 185 MY 20

Handy Box moster 185 MY 20

A handy little box containing several small parts for maintenance of your Moster 185 MY20 engine.

Ignition1 x M020 Spark Plug NGK BR9ES1 x M031a Spark-Plug Cap (Selettra)

Antivibration2 x M021a- Antivibration mounts 30x30mm – M8x15mm2 x M021b – Antivibration mounts 30x30mm – M8x25mm

Manual Starter2 x MP055 – Plastic Hooks1 x MP057 – Elastic rings for hooks1 x M043 – Starter rope 2.20 meters Gaskets1 x M097 – Series membranes and gaskets Walbro1 x M025 – Complete series of gaskets and O-ring Aspiration1 x MP093b – Snaplock male and female1 x ACC005 – Porex filter 6x10mm1m x AC011 – Fuel line pipe silicon int. 4,8mm – ext. 8,0mmExhaust1 x ME143 – Kit bronze bushing with springs and safety cables1 x M151a – Antivibration mount 30x20mm soft (left) 14/20mm2 x M151c – Antivibration mounts 30x20mm hard (right) 14/14mmVarious4 x M018 – Washers 8x16mm10 x M019 – Copper lock nuts hight temperature 8 x 1,25mm2 x M138a – Washers grower 8 mm1 x MP107a – Drum/Pinion cap

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