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prop 125cms Miniplane top 80

prop 125cms Miniplane top 80

Made by Helix for Miniplane

New thin laminar profiles (12%), high-performance, 

its best features are more evident using modern paragliders at high speed.

composite glass / carbon

2 blades 

diameter 125 for 20/72 gear

diameter 125 or 130 for gearbox 19/73

about the codes :


  • T1HA has a little more pitch compared to T1H, we suggest T1H in altitude 
  • design PV with a scimitar shape ends


The composite propellers produced by Helix underwent a redesign process in 2018, now the propellers offer the same characteristics of safety and resistance with an average weight reduction of 30% compared to a few years before.

For example T1HPV weighs only 545 grams instead of the standard 855 grams.

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