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Miniplane Moster ABM Flex package

Miniplane Moster ABM Flex package

The main added value of this new version is given by the clutch.

This integrated device significantly reduces vibrations at idle speed and it increases safety during pre-flight routine (propeller at rest). The vibrations are almost imperceptible at all engine speeds, while the weight distribution and the size of the engine minimize the torque effect.

The other notable improvement has been achieved with the introduction of the new exhaust system, extremely quiet and performing at the same time. The entire engine has been designed to obtain the minimum noise emission, which is attenuated by the air box, the transmission belt, a special "Db-killer" silencer, and the choice of the best propellers.

The "soft starter system" (3S) is one of the new advantages. It is a manual start system that allows the engine to start,  both in flight and on the ground, with a single pull through the use of only one hand.

The Moster185 plus structure is basic and simple and it has a compact design (ideal and easy for control operations and maintenance). The total weight of the engine is 14.2 kg in the manual start version. The "plug & play" installation of the engine is quick and easy. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles and exclusively designed for the Moster. The compatibility of these propellers is guaranteed for the Classic, Silent or Plus versions.

Vittorazi has also developed, for use in hot climates or other specific uses of the engine, such tandem or competition, a special cylinder head covering designed for this engine. This allows to significantly increase the cooling, reducing the operating temperature.


The engine develops a maximum power of 25HP at 7,800 RPM. Vittorazi agrees to communicate the values ​​of power, weight and static thrust in accordance with the actual values ​​measured.

It is recommended for a total weight of pilot + paramotor or trike ranging from 100 to 160 kg. The thrust is smooth and linear up to 75 kg with a 130 cm propeller (70 kg with a 122 cm propeller).

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of this engine, significantly reduced, is about 4.0 liters/hour considering a cruise flight.

Thanks to the specific Walbro/Vittorazi diaphragm carburetor, the engine is not affected by bending in preparation for takeoff or during flight, and it maintains a constant idle speed.

Painted Miniplane ABM Frame/CageHarness/Tank & Vittorazi engine 



Dudek Comfort 

This is the latest offering and comes with side pockets and optional side mounted reserve. It adds a little extra weight, a lot more padding and looks pretty trick!


  • Carbon 125cm prop as standard
  • Choice of additional E- prop (Carbon)  For a small additional charge.
  • Choice of Harness Dudek/Apco Comfort
  • harness with underseat reserve pouch or side reserve pounch
  • Right or Left hand throttle
  • Free choice of colours frame


Please Note: Because there are so many different variations available, the Moster Miniplane paramotor will be made to your personal specifications and as such the delivery time is approx 1 month from placing the order.

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