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Miniplane top 80 LR rigid

Miniplane top 80 LR rigid

NEW for 2022!! The next generation of the popular Top 80 Rigid frame - This is the LR - Long Range.

It has been in development for the past couple of years and enjoyed success in both the Icarus Trophy, UK PPG Champs and the XC Contest

A real XC weapon, huge distances are possible! Lightweight, quiet, comfortable for hours of flying.

Based on the Miniplane 150cm Rigid frame- with quick to assemble 4 piece cage, it includes as standard:

New design of the Rigid frame, increased clearance of the swan neck ABM arms allowing more comfort to the pilot.

Super reliable Top 80 engine, matt black paint scheme

140cm highly efficient lightweight composite prop, designed specifically for this engine by Helix

New lightweight, comfortable EasyFly Miniplane harness, huge amounts of adjustability for different body shapes.

18L or 12l fuel tank

Choice of carburettor options -

Walbro WG8 - simple, with very little adjustment possible

Tillotson - specially made for Miniplane, allows for pilot adjustment including high and low speed screws.

Dell'Orto float bowl - Full adjustablity including different size jets. 2l/hour consumption is possible!

21KG with Miniplane harness

Designed for use with front mounted reserve such as the SNIP:

Unlike other miniplane models, this is only available in the gold/orange frame colour, Different harness options are available including Dudek with or without reserve pockets, arm spacers etc. Contact us for more info.

Built to order, delivery time is approx 6 weeks.

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