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NAC Paramotor Headset Radio only

NAC Paramotor Headset Radio only

Please call me us to discuss a personalised build for your self based on your requirements


Our Advanced NAC-Intercom NAC-SIDETONE communication system for FM (2-meter, PMR446, LPD443, FRS/GMRS) and AM (Airband) radios. Connection is established by an interchangeable, spiral shielded cable (to avoid any interference) and a miniXLR 6pin connector. Therefore, you can use this helmet with multiple different radios, replace it easily if damaged or simply do not plug it to avoid entanglements if you fly without a radio. 

Music volume is automatically reduced if somebody wants to communicate with you. If you take the call, music is stopped by pressing the PTT (Push-to-Talk). This allows to hear the transmission and the volume will be gradually turned up after releasing the PTT.
The microphone is very flexible and can rotate 270º so you can either place it on the left of right side. It also incorporates an electret noise cancel microphone with a windstopper foam cover. Furthermore, NAC-SIDETONE monitor the signal that is transmitted with the advanced SRM25i circuit and adjust the microphone gain - something that we already do at the factory. Nevertheless, it can be modified if the walkie model requires it or if the transmitting signal volume is very low.

Communication is activated by the PTT button, which is placed on the outer part of the shell (You can choose the side where you would like it to be placed). The PTT button is wide and sensitive and has been made with silver contacts and a constant pressure for a flawless performance. The excellent quality of the communication is achieved thanks to the noise suppression obtained by a microphone that has been specifically designed for these purposes. If your radio comes with a VOX system, then there is no need to press the PTT. Just talk to activate the transmission. (A special cable might be necessary but we strongly disapprove of using it to avoid an accidental activation of the transmission). Lastly, it is possible to choose a medium or high-attenuation ear defender depending on the intensity of the noise generated by the engine (OPII to medium attenuation and X5 to high attenuation). 

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