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Off Grid Paramotor Throttle

Off Grid Paramotor Throttle

Please note lead times,  Please place your order and we will get the item out to you same/next day if in stock or will advise when it will be sent to you.


48 inch, mostly in stock but can be up to 10-14 days lead time

51 inch mostly in stock but can be up to 10-14 days lead time

55 inch some in stock but can be up to 10-14 days lead time

float bowl various lengths 10-14 days lead time

special order lengths, 10-14 days


This throttle is for pull start paramotors.


The strap can be set up for both left and right handed use but switched later. Every Off-Grid Aviation throttle is equipped with our unique cruise control system that is unlike any other on the market. It can be quickly set, adjusted, and disabled by the pilot. When the cruise control is activated, the pilot can use the adjustment wheel to finely tune the system to achieve the desired engine RPM. Pilots can quickly disengage the cruise control mechanism by slightly pressing the throttle lever, allowing for safer control of the aircraft. After the cruise control is disabled, the internal mechanism remains in the last used position. This allows the pilot to quickly resume the previous setting during subsequent flights.

  • Fitting instructions

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