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Paramotor intro day

Paramotor intro day

Contact us by phone to ensure this is the correct set up for you.


MINIMUM AGE IS 18 and the training field is located around 5 miles north of Portsmouth, or 5 miles north of brighton, depending on weather and site availability, please make sure you can get there by car as no transport links are close enough. Or if you have a suitable field we can come to you. Other fees may be payable such as travel time and fuel.


Our Paramotor intro day typically starts at around 0900 (however in summer months this can be as early as 0700) and finishes around 1500, Please wear footwear with ankle protection, long sleeve tops and full length trousers, bring lunch, plenty of fluids (water not wine) and a camera, friends and family are welcome to come and watch.


The whole intro starts the day before with a weather check, the evening before, where we will call you between 20.00-21.00 to chat to you about the weather and if the weather is suitable for training we will meet you at our site near Havant/Portsmouth or other locations as necessary  at 0900 EARLIER IF WEATHER DICTATES....(Please dont be late, lots to do) If more than 30 minutes late we reserve the right to forfit your day and you WILL lose your money. If the weather is not suitable, your day will be rescheduled and your day is valid for 9 months from date of purchase. Cancellations from your end must have 48 Hours notice, or again you will forfit your days payment.


On arrival we will run through a quick safety brief and then a site briefing, explaining where we can and cant fly, rules on the ground, rules in the air, a little bit about wind and weather, and how a wing flys.


Once the formalites are out of the way, we will then run through the equipment we use for Paramotoring such as the wing, the harness, the helmet and the motor.


Ground handling the paraglider will be our first step, because if you cant handle a paraglider on the ground it means you cant handle it in the air, we will learn how to inspect the paraglider, lay it out for launching and do some practice at getting the wing above our head, running in a straight line and then collapsing the canopy and controling the canopy, walking back to the start and doing it over and over, and we will do this till you master the launch.


Once launching is mastered, we will then put the motor on your back and run through all of our checks for the motor and do some launching practice with the motor on your back (THE ENGINE WILL NOT BE RUNNING AT THIS STAGE) again practising this stage till you can launch and control the wing in a straight line ready for a take off.


Moving onto the next stage, once we have mastered the launch with the motor on our back and the engine is off, we will then run through the motor in more detail, such as pre flight checks, starting, emergencies, how to do basic repairs etc.


We will fit breaks in as and when required and then move on to the final stage of the day, if your able to continue, and you have completed all other tasks to a confident and competent standard

although we will not be flying, Not many people get to this stage on day one, so please do not expect miricales on day one.(We can NOT move onto this stage if you can not master the above tasks, this is for your safety and your wallets health) we will now move on to the stage of putting the motor on our back, attaching to the wing, starting the motor, launching the wing and then taxying with the wing above our head along the ground in a straight line, expect to do this over and over, as if you get this stage wrong and fall over things get expensive in paragliding, for example of you fall and break a propellor it could cost £200-£300 to replace.


We finish the day with a debrief, and explain how to continue in the sport, how to be able to buy your own equipment, turn up on a site, and fly from the site on your own or with others, continuation training costs £125 per day and you would normally be looking at 5-6 days to get properly off the ground and do some basic circuits of the airfield, we will have taken pictures and videos of you during the day and can add on a video to send out to you for and extra £15.




There is a lot to learn and we will work at your pace. Your day once booked, is valid for 9 Months and we have to work around the weather to keep you and us and the equipment safe, For example we do not fly-train in snow or rain, or if the winds are too high, winds more than around 6-7 mph for your first day would be too high, and if the wind is too variable, for example if the wind on the weather reports show the wind strength is 2-20 mph then the variance is too much. For training a nice steady low wind day is ideal and yes we do train in the winter and some of our best flying is in the winter. We will do our best to get you in, get your intro day done and show you how to progress in the sport.


We look forward to seeing you on a field soon and of you have any questions , please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

    Currently no spaces available, contact us by phone or email and we will advise when we should be able to fit you in.
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