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Sol Paramotor Harness Comfort EVOLUTION 2

Sol Paramotor Harness Comfort EVOLUTION 2

Harness Paramotor Comfort Evolution 2


The Harness Comfort Evolution 2 is a result of evolution, information an new pilot necessities. In two sizes it is more comfortable and has less weight, thanks of sewing optimization and new materials.

It continues in terms of practicability and combability. The harness could be used for various chassis types, since it has multiple anchorage points. 

Satisfaction and security in all flight phases are guaranteed. This harness is meant for various pilots. Doesn't matter if you want XC or just fun. The harness Comfort Evolution 2 is your best choice.

That's new

  • Harness body in slim format
  • New chest buckle, providing more firmness for the shoulders and more security at launch time
  • Excessive strap material withdrawal
  • New luggage bag with lateral zipper, allowing access in flight without risking loss of steering control
  • New anchorage points for container and/or reserve parachute




  • Support in half circle form for the possibility to mount an instrument container or extra tank; 
  • Two control systems for the seat;
  • Innovative accelerator system which provides a perfect position in flight in relation to the chassis;
  • Strap for weight distribution, increasing the pilot's resistance of having the motor on his back;
  • Innovative leg straps providing a better launch, landing and motor control on the ground;
  • Extra, bigger and detachable volume bag, which can be replaced with a reserve container;
  • Firmer chest buckle with adjustable height and integrated whistle for emergency situations;
  • Anatomic shoulder cuts providing comfort and modern design;
  • Installation for bridle and an elastic band for the motor handle;
  • Anchorage points for the sail; 
  • Prolonged board
  • Luggage bag beneath the seat with lateral zipper; 
  • Adjustable seat height, providing a perfect position between shoulder anchorage point, seat anchorage point and the anchorage point for the arms of the chassis;
  • Front adjustment for the lumbar region, protecting from contact with the chassis;
  • Back protection with anti vibration and tingling sensation;
  • Lead for the reserve bridles;
  • Shoulder anchorage points between 16 cm to 21 cm. 


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