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SOL Spring 2 Airbag Harness

SOL Spring 2 Airbag Harness

The most complete 2-in-1 harness in the market

Our philosophy of continuous improvement of our products turns what is good even better – the Spring 2 / Spring 2 Airbag Cygnus + 18cm back protector reached the best historical result since back protectors are tested.

The goal of the Spring 2 / Spring 2 Airbag is to reach a better protection for the pilot and improve its comfort and handling. The rescue deployment system was configured completely new and is less vulnerable to installing errors and the foot stirrup use was refined.

The Spring 2 Airbag is a 2-in-1 harness transforming itself in a Spring 2 by disconnecting the Airbag through zipper and maintaining the protection of the 18cm back protector.










Seat's width3133353739cm
Seat's Length3537394143cm
Connection point height4141434545cm
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