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SOLSplit leg passenger 3 tandem harness for passenger

SOLSplit leg passenger 3 tandem harness for passenger

Following SOL Paragliders innovation philosophy, we are now offering the 3rd generation of harnesses SOL Split Pilot & Passenger.

The Split 3 project was developed to offer a harness with more security and versatility for tandem flights pilots and passengers.

The harnesses are equipped with air bag, back protector and separated legs support, making easy landing and take-off.


In our opinion, this harness is better than the Advance Bi Pro 3

The automatic buckles system for legs and chest increase pilot and passenger security.


- Better protection for pilot and passenger. It’s the first tandem flight harness with a value less than 20 G in impact tests; 
- System of buckles PL/PTL against involuntary opening; 
- The new models allow greater variation between weights and minimum-maximum height.



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