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Tiggy 2 Flight fuel gauge

Tiggy 2 Flight fuel gauge

Tiggy 2 flight instrument fuel meter, CHT, rev counter (tacho) pressure altimeter

The Tiggy Avionics Tiggy 2 is a complete flight instrument suitable for Microlight aircraft / paramotoring. The unit is small and lightweight and has 2 screens giving a range of information provided by the sensors; Fuel flow sensor, Cylinder head temperature, Tacho (Rpm) sensor, Pressure sensor and optional water temperature sensor. This amazing little instrument is a really cost effective flight computer that can replace other units reducing clutter.

Fuel Quantity in tank display. ( Bottom display – calculated)

Litres used

Instant Ltrs per hour (current fuel consumtion averaged every 10 secs)

Flight time remaining ( based of fuel consumption/throttle setting)

Actual flight time

Engine run time (sensed when engine runs)

Cylinder head temperature

Water Temperature (with additional sensor)

Altitude (ft)

QNH pressure

Outside air temperature

LED bright display for easy daylight reading

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