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Wouxun WG- R86 Airband radio

Wouxun WG- R86 Airband radio

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Airband Aviation Transceiver: Perfect Companion for PM-100 Headset

If you're an aviator using our PM-100 headset, our Airband Aviation Transceiver presents an ideal choice. This transceiver features a twin-jack K1 Kenwood configured connector, ensuring seamless compatibility. This unique feature empowers you to utilize the PM-100 headset not only with your conventional Kenwood, Wouxun, and Baofeng dual-band radios but also with this specialized airband radio.

The K1 connector employed by this radio maintains harmony with standard radio jacks, setting it apart from airband radios by Icom and Yaesu. Unlike these alternatives that incorporate their own jack plug configurations, our Airband Aviation Transceiver's universal K1 connector streamlines your equipment compatibility.

Upgrade your aviation experience with a radio that bridges communication with ease, catering to both your conventional radio needs and the specialized demands of airband usage.

25khz / 8.33khz spacing
TX/RX 118-136MHZ
K1- Kenwood spec jack sockets


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