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Can we fix it, yes we can, Give us a call for advice and help to keep you flying.


Line  Replacement

Do you need a replacement paraglider line, send us your glider, we will check the line and for £22.00 per line we will supply and fit your replacement line, don't leave it till the last minute, current turn around from receiving your wing is approx 8-10 days. Return courier is £15. If more than 1 line is required the price will be £20 per line. More than 5 and the price drops to £16 per line. If you require a full line set replacement, depending on the make we can supply and fit the full set for you. 


Paraglider  Service

Send us or drop off your your paraglider or paramotor wing and for £85 we will complete the following.

Inspect all lines, line symmetry will be checked but no lines measured.

Inspect risers

Inspect trimmers if fitted

Inspect speed system

Inspect Maillons

Inspect top and bottom surface

Inspect all ribs and cells

Inspect leading edge

Inspect trailing edge

Complete porosity tests in 3-5 locations on the Top surface

Complete porosity test in 3-5 locations on the Bottom surface.

Clean out the cells of any debris found (as much as possible)

Repack your glider in the same way it arrived. Unless specified otherwise.

Write a full report for you, which will also help with resale values.

If any issues are found we will advise you and give prices to fix any issues. Example prices small patch £2, large patch up to 10cms £5

Return courier is £15 or come and have a brew and drop off and collect free of charge.


Equipment Cleaning

Are you in need of Equipment cleaning, does your engine and frame look tired, does your paraglider have small stains on it from ground handling etc, let us quote you to get your equipment looking ship shape again. all quotes will be individual because you are, and we care about you and your equipment.


Equipment Maintenance

At South Coast Airsports we can keep your paramotor in the air,  from something as simple as a belt change, oil change, up to a full strip down and service, contact us to enquire about costs for your machine. Due to the nature of paramotors changing all the time each quote will be specific to you and your engine. Having attended the viroazzi engine maintenance day (twice) with Clive at Skybound Aviation, we are well placed to look after your Atom 80 & Moster 185

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